A blog to remember Gilles Laurent, who died in Brussels Attack in the middle of making his film about Fukushima / this blog is organized by his wife Reiko Udo

ジルが動いている。 The rare films Gilles himself is moving 22/09/2016







The block of films in which Gilles is moving surprised me. There was a brodacast in Belgium after harf year from the disaster, about him and the film.  It seems Marie-Helene, the editor recently found them and provided to the program.



Of course these views move us a lot. Alice, my sister-in-law says she had an impluse to hug him when she saw them.



The broadcast was in French, but here I attach the English translation by her and mine in Japanese. (After the ad, it starts from 5 min. 42 sec. of the program.)





The speaker : the film will be released next week in Belgium. Of course Gilles is not there anymore but his team made everything to end it. 
The OFF voice : The film speaks about a death city. An irradiated city for 100 years with some irreducible who do not want to leave it.  The disaster in Fukushima seems like an echo to the disaster that happened to the film-maker Gilles, victim in the Brussels Attacks in the metro Maelbeek.
Cyril : That day I was surprised because Gilles did not come to the projection. I suspected something abnormal.
The OFF voice : the waiting wat long, one week before the official announce of his death.
Marie-Hélène : she says they spend 3 month together in this room, fighting (because sometimes they did not agree), laughing, working. It took her a while before she could get back there to work after his death. His death is so unfair. The room was like a sancturary.
マリー・エレーヌ(編集者): 私たちは3ヶ月もこの部屋で一緒に働いた。時に意見が合わないことで喧嘩をし、笑ったり、また働いたり。彼の死後、また仕事に戻るのにしばらくの時間が必要だった。彼の死はあまりに不当。この部屋はサンクチュアリーのように思えた・・。
The Off voice : the land (la terre) was really alive in Gilles eyes, but a sanctuary too. 
Cyril : Gilles was really attached to the land (la terre) despite the disasters. And it's another disaster that took him away from the land. 
Alex : he speaks about the questioning on how to survive after a disaster, whatever which disaster. He makes the link between Fukushima and Brussels. Our daily life was endangered. 
The OFF voice : Alex and Gilles were friends and colleagues. They used to live together in St-Gilles . Now the street where they lived seems emply but Gilles silhouette haunts ...