A blog to remember Gilles Laurent, who died in Brussels Attack in the middle of making his film about Fukushima / this blog is organized by his wife Reiko Udo

父不在の父の日 Father's day without father


先日は父の日でしたが、その直前の金曜日。長女が通う学童保育にお迎えに行ったところ、目に飛び込んできたのがこの絵。聞かずとも分かりました、パパだ! そしてすご〜く、似てる!

Yesterday was Father's day in Japan. When I went to the galdrie to pick up my older daughter on Friday, the view of this picture jumped into my eyes. I realised that it was her papa without asking. It really resembles him !



It seems the project of this day was to produce an election poster thinking about their fathers. They chose some names of party and wrote a public commitment. It sounds like bit of interesting subject.



She wrote his name in Japanese below and the shape is not necessarily correct, but with good effort. The names of his party seems 'Party of Kindness and Cool'.(I'm sure he will be happy to hear this.) But the most emotional part is the public commitment. What she wanted him to say the most for the moment was...



Let's play together.



It can never come true in this real life. I started crying as soon as I read this line, then she said 'Yes I knew you were going to cry.' with a nice smile on her face. She has a bit of adult-like mind and at the same time she never looks blue when she speaks about her papa.



I remembered of one story regarding an eletion poster. It was when she was only two-year-old.


私たち家族は当時、ブリュッセルに住んでいました。とある選挙の投票所に彼女を抱っこして連れて行ったジルが、戻ってきてニヤニヤしながら報告してくれました。数多く並んだポスターを前に、「誰にしたい?(Tu veut choisir qui ?)」と聞いたら、長女はニコニコしながら超極右政党のコワもての方を指差したそうです(笑)。いや、それはゴメンねと却下して、もちろんジルはグリーン系政党の誰かに投票したそうですが。

At that time we were living in Brussels. Gilles went to the election with her in his arms and came back with this story. He asked her which person she wanted to choose as a joke,  then she pointed out somebody from an extreme right wing with a smile on her face. He said 'Sorry but let me choose another one', and he voted somebody from green type of party. He was laughing when he told me of this episode.


聞くところによると、ベルギーでは投票に行かない市民には罰金があるのだそう(!) 当然、そうすると投票率はめっちゃ高いです。政治参加って本当はそのくらい大事なことなのかも。権利というより義務。分からないなりに、行かなくてはならないなら調べようという気になります。

I also heard from Gilles that they could be fined if they don't go to elections in Belgium. Then of course the voting rate is always high. Perhaps the participation for politics is that important. It is a duty more than a right. We feel that we should investigate if we have to go even if we don't know so much.



Soon there is going to be an important election in Tokyo too. I realise its importance now.




As for the election for fathers...we will keep voting for Gilles. Our daughters and me.

He does not exist anymore in this real life, then it is an immobile choice.