A blog to remember Gilles Laurent, who died in Brussels Attack in the middle of making his film about Fukushima / this blog is organized by his wife Reiko Udo

「音楽なし」という思い切った選択。Gilles' choice for no music



This is an old iPod of Gilles. I remember he was using it for a while. Actually when he came to Japan for the first time eight years ago, it already looked a bit of old type.



In the film 'La Terre Abandonnée', there is no music added. Only at the last scene the conversation of four women eventually change into chorus of their own voices... that is the only music. When I first watched the film, I was imressed with such surprising editting, as he was a big fan of music himself.



When we met via internet by coincidence, we were exchanging our favorite music sometimes. I only knew famous songs, but his knowledge was wide and was introducing fresh music for me. 



Once he was asked to be a DJ of his friend's wedding party, and lots of music was inside this old iPod editted according to various category from disco to ballade.



Actually he had temporary 'added' opera music to this scene whic eventually became a last one, when I first had a glance at home very soon after he came back from shooting. Well, the that opera sounded slightly sad and beautiful, and it was already expressing that grief was there. I had thought he wanted to edit in this way.



But after his death... I found out that this scene had not been accompanied with additional music. Only the real chorus of women appearing in the film turns into silence and darkness slowly. There was no so-called back ground music throughout the film. 'I do not want to explain too much', that was what he used to say about film-making and I  notice that he followed his rule.



 But at the saime time I realised that no music exist in the real life and to the real feelings in our daily life and we just 'taste' them as it is. There is no need to be kindly planned or designated to feel certain feelings. We feel what we feel and it cannnot be decided by someone else.


それにしても。何度も何度も見てはいますが、このラストシーンに来るとどうしても涙がふっと湧いてきます。というのも、"no music"を選んだというジルの最終的なこだわりが、奇しくも無音の世界=闇、死の世界に向かって行ったジル本人の運命と重なり合っているように感じてしまうからです。「あぁ、もう会話のできない世界にこうして入っていって終ったのだな」と言う事実が改めて私の中に迫ってきます。

I have watched this film many times already, but each time I encounter this last scene, I feel tears appearing in my eys each time. Because I feel that his final choice 'no music but absolute silence' can be connected with the fact of his own death. I am sometimes overwhelmed with the fact that he disappeared into a world where we cannot exchange words anymore.



But this 'coincidence' makes me accept this fact at the same time. The film was completed already 98 percent at the time of his death, and maybe he had accepted this coming death in his unconcious mind.


"no music"という選択が成功したことを讃えつつも。


I would like to celebrate the fact that his final choice 'no music' was successful in the film anyway. It really shows his good taste.

I wonder what sort of music he is listening now in the heaven.


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