A blog to remember Gilles Laurent, who died in Brussels Attack in the middle of making his film about Fukushima / this blog is organized by his wife Reiko Udo

ありがとうNHK「おはよう日本」 Gratitude to NHK "Ohayo Nippon"2016/08/29&31


  I had been speaking with the journalist from NHK since two months ago and 5-6 min. program about Gilles' film was finally broadcast in the end of August. This program is popular as it is the time the people prepare things in the morrning and I had lots of comments from everywhere.






It reported all the facts, starting with the exsitence of the film about 'Fukushima' at the Marseille Film Festival, the fact that the director was a belgium called Gilles Laurent whose wife is a Japanease, and the tragedy that he lost his life in the terrorist attack at Maelbeek station in the midst of making the film. And then the focus was on the people who were making efforts to show this film to the world. The edition was short but superbe and I was very impressed with their skill as I myself is an editor of another field.



I was not able to see the news at that time on TV at all at the time of Brussesl attack because I knew that he was already missing before switching on it, so the view of the panic in Brussels including the ambulance's noise this time made me so emotional. But what I appreciated the most was to be able to see the audience at the festival, and the companions who were ther to finish Gilles' film.


 私のインタビューにいらっしゃった在東京の記者の方が「テロが相次ぐ中、だんだんと”どこで何人死んだ”、そういうレポートが続くだけになっている。私たちはどこかで立ち止まらなくちゃいけない。そういう思いがあったところに、テロで亡くなった方が福島の映画を撮っていた。それを知った時に、ここが立ち止まる時だ、とブリュッセルの記者とも話していたんです。」と仰っていたのが印象的でした。 お二人とも私と全く同世代の男女。そして海外生活やテロの取材も少なからず経験してきた方達です。冷静に編集されたレポートの裏にある「人間としての気持ち」に触れた時に、私自身の中で、心がひと段落、前へ進むような音が聞こえました。

 The interviewer from Tokyo side had said, "The terrorist attack just continues and the news reports can just tell where it happened and how many people died. We have to stop and think sometimes. Then we found someone who had shot Fukushima and lost his life in the terrorist attack. This is the timing that we should stop and think... this is how we (I and the journalist in Brussels) were speaking about this topic." These two journalsits are both almost the same age as me, and they also have lots of experiences abroad including the reports about terrorism. I thought I touched something very human behind this objective report when I heard this comment.


  Fukushima, Brussels, and the film... this topic involve lots of aspects and the places. So I did not know how and where the summery was going at first when I had been interviewed at first. But now it is much clearer that Gilles' existence can be an occasion for people to stop and think. My mission is maybe a bit more clear too. Gilles' body does not exist in this world anymore, but there will be some things that I can confront hand in hand with him.