A blog to remember Gilles Laurent, who died in Brussels Attack in the middle of making his film about Fukushima / this blog is organized by his wife Reiko Udo

友人KさんがFacebookに載せてくれた文章 Text posted by one of my good friends, K-san on Facebook 2016/06/13


 (One day I asked my friends through facebook to spread the link of this blog.

Then one of my good friends, K-san who lives in Brussels, kindly attatched this message doing so. I myself was mooved with this text. I copy it her with her permission.  English translation will follow later.)




The brussels attack on 22nd of March. I already had several friends who had barely escaped it and I had  also been shocked that one of the victims were my 'aquaintance's aquaintance'.

Though I had felt a distance with what happened in Paris, this time I could not digest well what happened in Brussels and one week had passed... then I found out that my friend's husband had been a direct victim in the metro.



Now she lives in Tokyo, but I shared a lot of warm moments as the same mothers with kids in Belgium. She was intelignet, generous, and someone who gave me good stimulation.

I used to meet her husband a few times, and I helped translation of the film about Fukushima which he was working on. In the film one old couple who had had a normal life with good virture appeared. Her husband had shed light to those who had remained in the land even after most of the residence had left.


When I heard the news, I felt as if the unseen knife was at my throat, or to the throats of my kids. The fact that the terrorism was in my neighborhood, that the dispair appeaered already in this world, and the powerless feeling knocked me out.


But the person who took my hand out of despair was my friend herself. At first she was prudent to protect the daughters from mass media, but eventually she chosed the way to to send messages toe people, to succeed and spread her husband's will and art by advertising herself.




I would like to share this blog if I can let my friends to feel that the terrorism is now very close as to damage 'friend's friend'.  After this incident, I am as powerless as before... but I try to greet people as much as possible during the walk close to my home. The world peace starts from home, and also from the neighbourhood ?